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About Rev Up My Marketing

Rev Up My Marketing - Dental Website Consulting & AnalysisMy name is Dr. Michael Barr.  I got my start in internet marketing by building my own dental practice website in 1999.  I am self-taught and have been working at it since 1999.  In my quest to make my own website more effective, I've learned a few things about getting big results.  Over the years, I've read over 50 books on marketing and website marketing in particular.  I've taken all that information and distilled it down to 230 pages in The Complete Website Owner's Manual for Dentists.

In recent years, I've lectured on this topic at a number of dental meetings and found dentists are starving for accurate and honest information about website marketing.

My website has consistently been my best source of new patients, and I've tried every form of marketing short of highway billboards.

Over the years, many dentists have asked me to look at their websites and make recommendations for improvement.  I continue to get emails every week asking for help.  I've noticed that many professionally designed dental websites don't perform well because they lack some basic ingredients.  So Rev Up My Marketing was born.

Most dentists delegate the creation of their websites to someone else, as they know little to nothing about website marketing.  And, most dentists don't have the time to create their own websites. 

Many website designers and SEO services simply don't know much about dental marketing, specifically.  Or, worse yet, some firms take advantage of dentists and provide inferior (or even deceptive) service.

Unfortunately, many dentists don't get what they thought they paid for.  The website is up.  They paid for the design and continue to pay monthly fees.  But, they simply don't see any new patients coming from the website.  I'm here to help you change that!

Website Owner's Manual

I have written a comprehensive, 230-page, fully-illustrated Website Owner's Manual For Dentists that is now available.  For more information, click on The Complete Website Owner's Manual For Dentists.