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Why Isn't Your Dental Website Kicking Ass?

Welcome To Rev Up My Marketing!

Rev Up My Marketing focuses on website marketing strategies specifically for dentists.  Our goal is to empower dentists to avoid making expensive mistakes and turbo-charge their website marketing results. 

Our goal is to help you use website marketing to effectively INCREASE your bottom line.  If your website isn't working, this book will help you!  A $148 investment can save you thousands of dollars per year.  No kidding.  Click here to read about a dentist who was wasting $2,000 per month!

Over the last 14 months or so, since I got Mike's manual, we have AVERAGED AT LEAST $8600 PER MONTH in revenue from the web.  :-) And if I narrow the time period to this year (since it took a bit for things to ramp up, after all), we are now averaging OVER $14,000 PER MONTH!

Dr. Chip Payet - Charlotte, NC

That is a real testimonial!  For many more testimonials, click on The Website Owner's Manual for Dentists.

This book isn't an advertisement or lead-generator for additional services.  I don't sell any services... just this book, now in downloadable digital form.  I don't hold back in the Website Owner's Manual.  I put it all out there.  The original paper book was very expensive to print (with full color photos) and ship.  In digital form, I could make it more affordable.  Instead of $347, it's now $148!  And, you get instant gratification!  No more waiting to get this valuable information.

Rev Up My Marketing was founded by a dentist, Dr. Michael Barr, with 16 years of experience in the field of internet marketing.

No doubt, website marketing is now the primary medium for reaching out to consumers.  And, in today's economy, dentists are looking for cost-effective ways to market their practices.  Websites are easily the most cost-effective form of marketing available.

But, like any marketing effort, websites can flop or they can kick ass.  The bottom line is the bottom line.  Unfortunately, many dentists are disappointed with their websites.  We are here to change that.

Michael I. Barr DDS, founder of Rev Up My Marketing, is one of the most influential dentists in the world today; especially in Cyberspace where his advice on how to run a modern day cosmetic practice while not taking insurance is legendary information.  Mike has literally pioneered dental office website marketing from the very beginning.  Buy his book today!  It could be your answer to increasing new patient flow.

Dr. Howard Farran - Founder of and Today's Dental private practice. 

What We Offer

  • Our flagship product is The Complete Website Owner's Manual For Dentists - Turn Your Website Into a Patient Producing Machine.  If you already have a website or are thinking about getting one, this 230-page manual contains the most vital and USEFUL information about websites and web marketing that you are likely to find anywhere. 

    This second edition was long-overdue.  A lot has changed in the world of website marketing.  But, at the same time, a lot hasn't changed.  The downloadable digital 2nd Edition expands on the foundational principles while including the latest updates.

    Buy this manual before you hire someone to create your website.  Or, if you already have a website that's not working as well as you'd like, this manual will show you why and how to turn your results around.

"I've read it (twice now). Mike's book is a "money maker."  You know how many books give you great information but maybe you can't figure out how to translate that into a profit for you?  Mike's book will both save and make you money."

Howie Horrocks - founder of New Patients, Inc. 

Take a look around our website.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.